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4CB (Deutsche Bundesbank, Banco De Espana, Banque de France and Banca D'Italia)

T2S User Detailed Functional Specifications Version 1.2.1 [28.2 MB]

TARGET2-SECURITIES: The T2S User Detailed Functional Specifications do not include the message descriptions generated with GEFEG.FX directly but linked to the PDF as well as the HTML version.

ANWR Group

EANCOM® 2002 S4 (PRICAT Guideline) - GS1 EANCOM® Spezifikationen

All GS1 EANCOM® Standards have been developed using GEFEG.FX.


Message Implementation Guideline BIG07 IFTSTA Event and Delivery Report

Based on IFTSTA International multimodal status report message
Issue date: 2017-01-03

Message Implementation Guideline BIG14 IFTMIN

Based on IFTMIN Instruction message
Bring IFTMIN, Issue date: 2017-08-09


INVRPT - based on EANCOM D.96A

CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora)

CITES electronic permitting toolkit Version 2.0 (2013) - PDF version



Message Implementation Guideline Global DELFOR

Based on DELFOR Delivery schedule message, UN D.04A S3, JAI 1.1, 2009 Continental

Message Implementation Guideline GLOBAL DESADV

Based on DESADV Despatch advice message, UN D.07A S3, JAI 2.0, 2010 Continental

Message Implementation Guideline VDA 4938 T2 - GLOBAL INVOIC

Based on INVOIC Invoice message, UN D.07A S3, V1.2 - 2013, Rechnung Continental Automotive

Message Implementation Guideline VDA 4938 T2 - GLOBAL INVOIC (- Self billing invoice)

Based on INVOIC Invoice message, UN D.07A S3, V1.2 - 2013, Gutschrift Conti 0

Message Implementation Guideline VDA 4990 T2 - Inventory report

Based on INVRPT Inventory report message, UN D.13A S3, V1.0 - 2014, Conti

Message Implementation Guideline GLOBAL REMADV

Based on REMADV Remittance advice message, UN D.03A S3, JAI 1.1, Conti


ICS - Import Control System / Manifest (EDIFACT IFTMCS) Message Implementation Guide Version 1.7.3 (Valid from October 2017)

ICS - Import Control System /Diversion Request & Arrival Notice (EDIFACT IFTSTA) Message Implementation Guide Version 1.7.2 (Valid from October 2017)

EDI Handbuch APERAK / Rückmeldungen zur Zollanmeldung ECS Niederlande und Belgien, Implementierungshandbuch Version 1.2 (In German only)

Deutsche Bundesbank

Elektronische Öffnung im Baren Zahlungsverkehr Version 2.32 Bereitstellungsavis (DESADV) (In German only)

Technische Spezifikationen der Deutschen Bundesbank für die Abwicklung von SEPA-Überweisungen im Interbankenzahlungsverkehr über den SEPA-Clearer (SCL) des EMZ ("Technische Spezifikationen SCT/BCT/SCL")
Version 3.0 gültig ab dem 20. November 2017 (In German only)


EDI Implementation Documentation DELFOR D.97A

EDI Implementation Documentation DESADV D.98B

German Association of Energy and Water Industries (Bundesverband der Energie- und Wasserwirtschaft - BDEW)

EDI@Energy Documentation (In German only)

The EDI@Energy message implementation guidelines are developed and maintained with GEFEG.FX.

German Customs (Bundesfinanzdirektion)

ATLAS Project (In German only)

All Implementation Guidelines can be downloaded in GEFEG.FX format.

GS1 Germany

EDI-Anwendungsempfehlung V5.0 Bestellantwort (ORDRSP) in EANCOM® 2002 S3 (In German only)


Hella EDIFACT INVRPT, based on Inventory report message / UN D.97A S3

Message Implementation Documentation

Lear Corporation

User Guide - Lear Odette Delins V3 Corporate Standard EDI Guideline

User Guide Lear Corporate Standard Guideline VDA 4913


EDI Documentation

The Netherlands' Customs

Declaration Management System (DMS) Documentation (EDIFACT MIGs)

EMCS Documentation

New Zealand Customs

NZ Trade Single Window Message Implementation Guidelines for Export Declaration, Version WCO3.2 / NZ1.1, April 2013

Please open document 'Export Declartion V1.1a' to view the Message Implementation Guide.

Short Sea XML

Marco Polo Projekt: Schedule Message

Version 1.2 of XSD Schemas

SIX Interbank Clearing

ISO 20022 Payments - Swiss Implementation Guidelines for Customer-to-Bank Messages Credit Transfer (Payment Transactions)

Customer Credit Transfer Initiation (pain.001) / Version 1.6 - 25.07.2016

ISO 20022 Cash Management - Swiss Implementation Guidelines for Bank-to-Customer Messages (Reports)

Bank-to-Customer Account Report (camt.052) -- Bank-to-Customer Statement (camt.053) -- Bank-to-Customer Debit/Credit Notification (camt.054) / Version 1.4 - 25.07.2016

Skanska Sverige AB

Implementation Guide for INVOICE / CREDIT NOTE


SKF Global INVOIC D.03A 1.0 (Message Implementation Guideline)


UN/CEFACT Core Component Library (CCL)

UN/CEFACT XML schemas derived from models

UNECE Transport Division Customs Matters Working Group

E-TIR Datenmodell


EDI Guidelines

Access the EDI Guidelines as follows: Start > Cooperation > Electronic Data Interchange > EDI Guidelines


Volvo's Inventory Report Message, based on INVRPT / Odette EDIFACT D.96A


EDI Guidelines

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