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OAGIS Editor

The OAGIS Editor supports companies and associations with the handling and adaptation of OAGIS.

This special software product for the OAGI Specification is a genuine XML schema development tool including the editing and enhancing of XML schemas.

What makes this software tool unique, is its capability to add contextual description of each XML element. You can declare an element in one context to be used, in another context to be unused. Also describe the usage of one and the same global element in a specific context differently to its usage in another context.

Features of the OAGIS Editor
  • OAGIS 9.4.1/9.3/9.2/9.1/9.0/8.0 version, including the complete Business Object Documents (BODs), Nouns, Verbs and Codes
  • Comment and edit OAGIS BODs
    • Add notes on the use of an element in a particular business context
    • Define different note categories for different types of notes texts
    • Easily mark unused elements by crossing them out
  • Design your own OAGIS BOD extensions:
    • Create a new schema
    • Create your own namespace
    • Derivation by extension / by restriction
    • Define the user area in the BOD with your own elements
    • Design your substitution elements for OAGIS substitution groups
  • Deliverables
    • Human readable documentation in HTML, CHM, RTF and PDF format
    • Full or flattened or customized W3C XSD schemas
    • Schematron files
    • XML Instance Generation and Validation
Interoperability and Extensibility Edit and Extend OAGIS BODs With the OAGIS Editor
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