GEFEG message design solutions

GEFEG's design-time solutions span the whole range of a message design process. Typically, the message design lifecycle demands requirements and change management, the development of message standards, message implementation guidelines, and mapping specification, publication, validation, test automation and roll-out support.

ISO 20022 has almost become the lingua franca in the finance industry, but other formats continue to exist within financial institutions and on their customers' side. GEFEG supports all formats, ISO 20022 as well as legacy, with a focus on ISO 20022.

ISO 20022 Standard Distribution

GEFEG's ISO 20022 Standard Distribution forms the base for message implementation guidelines and message validation. It includes current and previous ISO 20022 UML models, enriched XML schemas and external codes. The ISO 20022 Standard Distribution is used with the message design editor GEFEG.FX and the GEFEG Message Design Portal.

ISO 20022 Implementation Guidelines

Message Implementation Guidelines specify the usage of message standards in detail, which is on field level. Using the desktop editor GEFEG.FX you have the advantages of a professional software which manages message standards, specifications, their mappings and test data.

ISO 20022 MIG for the SEPA Clearer of Deutsche Bundesbank
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Lessons learned
  • Minimize the duration of the migration period.
  • Establish unambiguous implementation guides and provide tools for validating messages and files for compliance to ensure a uniform implementation of the new standard.
ISO 20022 Roll-out

The roll-out of message implementation guidelines to a trading community is a major effort. The GEFEG Message Design Portal provides collaboration, publication and validation features to support this task. The self-service validation facility contributes considerably to data quality and message interoperability - and decreases on-boarding efforts.

Validation.Portal of SCFS Investment Funds Market Practice
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Lessons learned
  • Enforce uniform implementations of ISO 20022 through rigorous validation and testing.
  • Centralize migration management efforts and industry education efforts.
  • Use ISO 20022 as a means to achieve other goals (in this case multiple daily clearings, real-time clearing, et al.), rather than as an end in itself.


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