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  UN/EDIFACT  D.03A (Batch) Syntax version 3 Issue date 2003-06-23  
  Message type specification DMRDEF
DMRDEF 2 Data maintenance request definition message  

TBG16 Entry Point

This specification provides the definition of the Data maintenance request definition message (DMRDEF) to be used in Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) between trading partners involved in administration, commerce and transport.


1.1 Functional definition
This Data maintenance request definition message (DMRDEF) permits the transfer of a data maintenance request action among parties involved in the preparation, processing, assessment, resolution and directory production processes.

1.2 Field of application
The Data maintenance request definition message may be used for both national and international applications. It is based on universal practice related to administration, commerce and transport, and is not dependent on the type of business or industry.

1.3 Principles
The message permits the transmission of a Data Maintenance Request (DMR).

The message may be exchanged at the regional or national level between the DMR submitter and the secretariat that acts as the entry point for DMR submissions to the submitter's technical assessment group. It may also be exchanged at an international level among the secretariats for the assessment function as well as those participating in the production of the directories.

At the regional or national level the first DMRDEF sent for a given DMR will be from the submitter to the entry point secretariat utilizing the submitter's own reference number.

On an international level the first DMRDEF sent for a given DMR will be from the entry point secretariat to the central secretariat utilizing the entry point secretariat's own unique reference (Log) number. All DMRDEF messages initiated after registration at the entry point secretariat will use the entry point secretariat Log numbers. All DMRDEF messages initiated after registration at the international level will use the central secretariat's Log number. The Data maintenance status report/query(DMSTAT) message will be used to notify all applicable parties of the latest log number assignments and other necessary status information.

The DMRDEF message shall contain only a single Data maintenance request.

For submissions of messages that allow the inclusion of substructure maintenance requirements in the same DMR, the segment identification segment group, the composite data element identification segment group, the simple data element segment group, and the code set identification segment group are to be used to provide the modified substructure relative to the message's boilerplate. A structure defined below the message level, as part of a Message submission, must include a change indicator in the associated attribute segment of the structure to indicate that the structure is being detailed as a proposed modification in association with the message.

The reference segment shall identify all related parent and child DMRs one level above and one level below the current level.

DMRs which change an existing entry must provide a complete replacement entry with the changed parts identified via the change indicators. All changes to message structure must also include all resultant changes to boilerplate text.

Use of the default service characters is required and the Interchange header shall specify character set level C.

Proper use of the DMRDEF message within supporting applications assumes the availability and use of the EDI standard in conjunction with originator data entry mechanisms in order to ensure the accurate association of data maintenance actions with the standard.

See UNTDID, Part 4, Chapter 2.3 UN/ECE UNSM - General Introduction, Section 1.


3.1 Standard terms and definitions
See UNTDID, Part 4, Chapter 2.3 UN/ECE UNSM - General Introduction, Section 2.


4.1 Data segment clarification
This section should be read in conjunction with the segment table which indicates mandatory, conditional and repeating requirements.
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