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  UN/EDIFACT  D.03A (Batch) Syntax version 3 Issue date 2003-06-23  
  Message type specification MEDREQ
MEDREQ 2 Medical service request message  

TBG10 Healthcare

This specification provides the definition of the Medical service request message (MEDREQ) to be used in Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) between trading partners involved in administration, commerce and transport.


1.1 Functional definition
A Medical Service Request message is sent from a service requester to the service provider to order investigations, to modify a previous order or ordered investigation or to cancel a previous order.

1.2 Field of application
The Medical service request message may be used for both national and international applications. It is based on universal practice related to administration, commerce and transport, and is not dependent on the type of business or industry.

1.3 Principles
The message fulfills the requirements of the European pre- standard concerning messages for exchange of laboratory information within clinical chemistry, clinical biochemistry, toxicology, clinical immunology, immunohaematology, haematology and clinical microbiology. The message may, however, also be used for other purposes as long as the user requirements are meet.

The CEN prENV New Laboratory Service Order message and the CEN prENV Laboratory Service Order Cancellation message may be considered as special cases of the CEN prENV Laboratory Service Order Modification message. The Laboratory Service Order Modification message may contain a mixture of new, change, cancel and other service types for the order itself and for the various requested investigations whereas the New Laboratory Service Order message only contains the new service type for the order itself and the various requested investigations and the Laboratory Service Order Cancellation message only contains the cancel service type for a complete order.

The overall structure of the message is:
- One message may include one or more service orders.
- The service order is connected to one service provider, one service requester and optionally one or more parties to receive copies of the order and/or subsequent result message(s).
- Every service order is related to one main subject of investigation (patient, animal or material), but may also include information about several related subjects of investigation.
- Every service order may request services concerning one or more samples (from the same subject of investigation) or the subject of investigation itself.
- Every sample may have one collection site.
- A requested investigation may be connected to one or more samples or to the subject of investigation itself.

With the exception of information in FTX segments, all information should primarily be expressed as codes.

See UNTDID, Part 4, Chapter 2.3 UN/ECE UNSM - General Introduction, Section 1.


3.1 Standard terms and definitions
See UNTDID, Part 4, Chapter 2.3 UN/ECE UNSM - General Introduction, Section 2.


4.1 Data segment clarification
This section should be read in conjunction with the segment table which indicates mandatory, conditional and repeating requirements.
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