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  UN/EDIFACT  D.03A (Batch) Syntax version 3 Issue date 2003-06-23  
  Message type specification BMISRM
BMISRM 2 Bulk marine inspection summary report message  

TBG3 Transport

This specification provides the definition of the Bulk marine inspection summary report message (BMISRM) to be used in Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) between trading partners involved in administration, commerce and transport.


1.1 Functional definition
A message from an inspection company to bulk cargo buyers and sellers, ship and barge owners, agents, or customs, identifying significant transport dates and times, as well as cargo quality and quantity information.

1.2 Field of application
The Bulk marine inspection summary report message may be used for both national and international applications. It is based on universal practice related to administration, commerce and transport, and is not dependent on the type of business or industry.

1.3 Principles
This message summarizes the flow of bulk marine cargo between seller and buyer as monitored by an inspection company, and is used for loss control. This message may also be used to replace the functions covered by time log information, certificate of analysis, and voyage analysis information as related to loss control and payment approval. This message can also be used to:
- identify vessels, barges, tugs, ports and terminals, and associated voyage numbers
- specify transportation details such as, docking dates and times, sea valve numbers, and vessel experience factors
- specify bulk cargo by name, physical measurements and tests.

See UNTDID, Part 4, Chapter 2.3 UN/ECE UNSM - General Introduction, Section 1.


3.1 Standard terms and definitions
See UNTDID, Part 4, Chapter 2.3 UN/ECE UNSM - General Introduction, Section 2.


4.1 Data segment clarification
This section should be read in conjunction with the segment table which indicates mandatory, conditional and repeating requirements.

The detail section provides cargo type details, equipment details and test and measurement information. This section may contain voyage analysis and certificate of analysis information which can be transmitted as separate entities or as a conglomeration.
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