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  UN/EDIFACT  D.03A (Batch) Syntax version 3 Issue date 2003-06-23  
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Financial institution information
Used in    
AUTHOR 90 SG2 Authorization message
BANSTA 90 SG2 Banking status message
BOPCUS 150 SG3 Balance of payment customer transaction report message
BOPDIR 150 SG3 Direct balance of payment declaration message
BUSCRD 810 SG3\SG4\SG16 Business credit report message
CHACCO 250 SG4\SG5 Chart of accounts message
CNTCND 400 SG8 Contractual conditions message
COACSU 110 SG2 Commercial account summary message
COLREQ 90 SG1 Request for a documentary collection message
CONDPV 120 SG2 Direct payment valuation message
CONEST 810 SG4\SG18 Establishment of contract message
CONITT 770 SG4\SG18 Invitation to tender message
CONPVA 120 SG2 Payment valuation message
CONQVA 120 SG2 Quantity valuation message
CONTEN 770 SG4\SG18 Tender message
CONWQD 120 SG2 Work item quantity determination message
COPAYM 450 SG6 Contributions for payment
CREADV 150 SG3 Credit advice message
CREEXT 140 SG3 Extended credit advice message
CREMUL 90 SG2 Multiple credit advice message
CUSDEC 70   Customs declaration message
CUSPED 70   Periodic customs declaration message
CUSREP 230 SG4 Customs conveyance report message
DEBADV 180 SG4 Debit advice message
DEBMUL 90 SG2 Multiple debit advice message
DEBREC 380 SG5\SG7\SG9 Debts recovery message
DIRDEB 90 SG2 Direct debit message
DOCADV 100 SG1 Documentary credit advice message
DOCAMA 110 SG1 Advice of an amendment of a documentary credit message
DOCAMI 110 SG1 Documentary credit amendment information message
DOCAMR 110 SG1 Request for an amendment of a documentary credit message
DOCAPP 100 SG1 Documentary credit application message
DOCARE 60 SG1 Response to an amendment of a documentary credit message
DOCINF 100 SG1 Documentary credit issuance information message
ENTREC 380 SG4\SG5\SG7\SG8 Accounting entries message
FINCAN 90 SG2 Financial cancellation message
FINPAY 90 SG2 Multiple interbank funds transfer message
FINSTA 80 SG2 Financial statement of an account message
ICASRP 1100 SG12\SG13 Insurance claim assessment and reporting message
ICSOLI 560 SG8 Insurance claim solicitor's instruction message
IFTFCC 470 SG11 International transport freight costs and other charges message
INFENT 100 SG1 Enterprise accounting information message
INVOIC 250 SG2 Invoice message
IPPOAD 780 SG6\SG8 Insurance policy administration message
IPPOMO 910 SG13 Motor insurance policy message
LEDGER 190 SG4 Ledger message
MEDPID 250 SG2 Person identification message
MEDRUC 280 SG2 Medical resource usage and cost message
ORDCHG 180 SG3 Purchase order change request message
ORDERS 150 SG2 Purchase order message
ORDRSP 180 SG3 Purchase order response message
PARTIN 40   Party information message
PAYEXT 160 SG3 Extended payment order message
PAYMUL 90 SG2 Multiple payment order message
PAYORD 170 SG3 Payment order message
PROSRV 100 SG2 Product service message
QUOTES 560 SG11 Quote message
RECECO 90 SG1 Credit risk cover message
REGENT 230 SG3 Registration of enterprise message
REMADV 50   Remittance advice message
REQOTE 540 SG11 Request for quote message
RESMSG 110   Reservation message
SOCADE 220 SG3 Social administration message
SUPCOT 60   Superannuation contributions advice message
SUPRES 90   Supplier response message
UTILMD 120 SG2 Utilities master data message
VATDEC 130 SG1 Value added tax message
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