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  UN/EDIFACT  D.03A (Batch) Syntax version 3 Issue date 2003-06-23  
  Cross reference - segments (extended)  
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BAPLIE 230 SG5 Bayplan/stowage plan occupied and empty locations message
BERMAN 160 SG3 Berth management message
BMISRM 340 SG4\SG7 Bulk marine inspection summary report message
BUSCRD 260 SG3\SG4 Business credit report message
CALINF 60 SG1 Vessel call information message
CASINT 250 SG3 Request for legal administration action in civil proceedings message
CNTCND 850 SG19\SG20 Contractual conditions message
COARRI 290 SG6 Container discharge/loading report message
CODECO 250 SG6 Container gate-in/gate-out report message
CODENO 280 SG6\SG8 Permit expiration/clearance ready notice message
COEDOR 190 SG4 Transport equipment stock and profile report  message
COHAOR 210 SG4 Container special handling order message
CONDRA 450 SG5\SG6 Drawing administration message
CONDRO 280 SG5 Drawing organisation message
COPARN 350 SG6 Container announcement message
COPINO 330 SG6\SG9 Container pre-notification message
COPRAR 280 SG6 Container discharge/loading order message
COREOR 300 SG6 Container release order message
COSTCO 320 SG6\SG7 Container stuffing/stripping confirmation message
COSTOR 340 SG6\SG8 Container stuffing/stripping order message
CUSCAR 240 SG5 Customs cargo report message
CUSDEC 80   Customs declaration message
CUSEXP 280 SG6\SG7 Customs express consignment declaration message
CUSPED 660 SG7\SG15 Periodic customs declaration message
CUSREP 70   Customs conveyance report message
CUSRES 370 SG6 Customs response message
DEBREC 800 SG5\SG7\SG17\SG18 Debts recovery message
DELFOR 410 SG6\SG12 Delivery schedule message
DESADV 50   Despatch advice message
DESTIM 500 SG8\SG11\SG12 Equipment damage and repair estimate message
DGRECA 120 SG2 Dangerous goods recapitulation message
HANMOV 600 SG12\SG13 Cargo/goods handling and movement message
ICASRP 1010 SG12 Insurance claim assessment and reporting message
IFCSUM 520 SG9\SG11 Forwarding and consolidation summary message
IFTCCA 510 SG9\SG11 Forwarding and transport shipment charge calculation message
IFTDGN 230 SG6 Dangerous goods notification message
IFTFCC 870 SG19\SG20 International transport freight costs and other charges message
IFTICL 220 SG5 Cargo insurance claims message
IFTMAN 1060 SG18\SG20 Arrival notice message
IFTMBC 530 SG9\SG11 Booking confirmation message
IFTMBF 860 SG16\SG18 Firm booking message
IFTMBP 690 SG14\SG16 Provisional booking message
IFTMCA 820 SG17\SG19 Consignment advice message
IFTMCS 1050 SG18\SG20 Instruction contract status message
IFTMIN 1070 SG18\SG20 Instruction message
IFTRIN 220 SG5 Forwarding and transport rate information message
IFTSAI 150 SG3 Forwarding and transport schedule and availability information message
IFTSTA 420 SG4\SG5\SG10 International multimodal status report message
IMPDEF 400 SG3\SG9 EDI implementation guide definition message
INSDES 300 SG8 Instruction to despatch message
INSRPT 280 SG3\SG7 Inspection report message
INVOIC 170 SG1 Invoice message
INVRPT 340 SG9 Inventory report message
IPPOAD 1040 SG10 Insurance policy administration message
IPPOMO 1140 SG17 Motor insurance policy message
ITRRPT 40   In transit report detail message
MOVINS 240 SG5\SG6 Stowage instruction message
MSCONS 410 SG5\SG6\SG9\SG11 Metered services consumption report message
ORDCHG 540 SG14 Purchase order change request message
ORDERS 510 SG13 Purchase order message
ORDRSP 510 SG13 Purchase order response message
OSTENQ 180 SG3\SG4 Order status enquiry message
OSTRPT 310 SG3\SG6 Order status report message
PARTIN 550 SG4\SG12 Party information message
PAXLST 190 SG4 Passenger list message
PRICAT 1190 SG17\SG33 Price/sales catalogue message
PRIHIS 200 SG4 Pricing history message
PRODAT 290 SG7 Product data message
PRODEX 40   Product exchange reconciliation message
PROINQ 180 SG4\SG5 Product inquiry message
QALITY 50   Quality data message
QUOTES 350 SG7 Quote message
RECORD 300 SG3\SG6 Reinsurance core data message
REGENT 560 SG5\SG6\SG7\SG8 Registration of enterprise message
REQDOC 210 SG4 Request for document message
REQOTE 330 SG7 Request for quote message
RETANN 300 SG8 Announcement for returns message
RETINS 380 SG10 Instruction for returns message
SAFHAZ 160 SG3 Safety and hazard data message
SANCRT 80   International movement of goods governmental regulatory message
TANSTA 160 SG3 Tank status report message
UTILTS 310 SG5 Utilities time series message
VATDEC 200 SG1\SG4 Value added tax message
VESDEP 200 SG4 Vessel departure message
WASDIS 160 SG3 Waste disposal information message
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