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  UN/EDIFACT  D.03A (Batch) Syntax version 3 Issue date 2003-06-23  
  Cross reference - segments (extended)  
Person demographic information
Used in    
BUSCRD 830 SG3\SG4\SG16 Business credit report message
DEBREC 370 SG5\SG7\SG9 Debts recovery message
JAPRES 290 SG5\SG6 Job application result message
JINFDE 270 SG5\SG6 Job information demand message
JOBAPP 270 SG5\SG6 Job application proposal message
JOBCON 290 SG5\SG6 Job order confirmation message
JOBMOD 280 SG5\SG6 Job order modification message
JOBOFF 290 SG5\SG6 Job order message
MEDPID 280 SG2\SG3 Person identification message
MEDPRE 210 SG3 Medical prescription message
MEDREQ 490 SG2\SG5 Medical service request message
MEDRPT 520 SG2\SG6 Medical service report message
MEDRUC 270 SG2 Medical resource usage and cost message
REGENT 450 SG5\SG6\SG7 Registration of enterprise message
SOCADE 170 SG3 Social administration message
SSIMOD 220 SG2\SG3\SG5 Modification of identity details message
SSRECH 310 SG5\SG7 Worker's insurance history message
SSREGW 190 SG2\SG4 Notification of registration of a worker message
WKGRDC 280 SG5\SG6 Work grant decision message
WKGRRE 290 SG5\SG6 Work grant request message
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