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  UN/EDIFACT  D.03A (Batch) Syntax version 3 Issue date 2003-06-23  
  Cross reference - segments (extended)  
Party identification
Used in    
BMISRM 80 SG1 Bulk marine inspection summary report message
BUSCRD 60 SG1 Business credit report message
CLASET 80 SG2 Classification information set message
COPAYM 90 SG1 Contributions for payment
DEBREC 50 SG1 Debts recovery message
DMRDEF 90 SG1 Data maintenance request definition message
DMSTAT 50 SG1 Data maintenance status report/query message
ICASRP 90 SG1 Insurance claim assessment and reporting message
ICSOLI 160 SG2 Insurance claim solicitor's instruction message
IMPDEF 100 SG1 EDI implementation guide definition message
IPPOAD 90 SG1 Insurance policy administration message
IPPOMO 110 SG1 Motor insurance policy message
ISENDS 60 SG1 Intermediary system enablement or disablement message
JAPRES 50 SG1 Job application result message
JINFDE 50 SG1 Job information demand message
JOBAPP 50 SG1 Job application proposal message
JOBCON 50 SG1 Job order confirmation message
JOBMOD 50 SG1 Job order modification message
JOBOFF 50 SG1 Job order message
LREACT 180 SG1\SG2 Life reinsurance activity message
LRECLM 200 SG1\SG3 Life reinsurance claims message
MEDPID 70 SG1 Person identification message
MEDPRE 70 SG1 Medical prescription message
MEDREQ 60 SG1 Medical service request message
MEDRPT 60 SG1 Medical service report message
MEDRUC 120 SG2 Medical resource usage and cost message
PROCST 180 SG3 Project cost reporting message
PROTAP 130 SG3 Project tasks planning message
RECORD 90 SG1 Reinsurance core data message
REGENT 50 SG1 Registration of enterprise message
RELIST 70 SG1 Reinsured objects list message
SANCRT 170 SG2 International movement of goods governmental regulatory message
SOCADE 60 SG1 Social administration message
SSIMOD 120 SG2\SG3 Modification of identity details message
SSRECH 90 SG2 Worker's insurance history message
SSREGW 90 SG2 Notification of registration of a worker message
WKGRDC 50 SG1 Work grant decision message
WKGRRE 60 SG1 Work grant request message
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