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  UN/EDIFACT  D.03A (Batch) Syntax version 3 Issue date 2003-06-23  
  Cross reference - segments (extended)  
Section control
Used in    
BOPDIR 370   Direct balance of payment declaration message
CASINT 150   Request for legal administration action in civil proceedings message
COACSU 490   Commercial account summary message
CONEST 930   Establishment of contract message
CONITT 880   Invitation to tender message
CONPVA 870   Payment valuation message
CONTEN 880   Tender message
COPAYM 150   Contributions for payment
CUSDEC 410   Customs declaration message
DESTIM 240   Equipment damage and repair estimate message
ENTREC 520   Accounting entries message
ICSOLI 410   Insurance claim solicitor's instruction message
INSDES 630   Instruction to despatch message
INVOIC 2180   Invoice message
IPPOMO 2230   Motor insurance policy message
JAPRES 180   Job application result message
JINFDE 180   Job information demand message
JOBAPP 180   Job application proposal message
JOBCON 180   Job order confirmation message
JOBMOD 180   Job order modification message
JOBOFF 180   Job order message
LEDGER 480   Ledger message
MSCONS 160   Metered services consumption report message
ORDCHG 2240   Purchase order change request message
ORDERS 2330   Purchase order message
ORDRSP 2200   Purchase order response message
PARTIN 140   Party information message
PROSRV 760   Product service message
PROTAP 520   Project tasks planning message
PRPAID 330   Insurance premium payment message
QUOTES 2270   Quote message
REBORD 390   Reinsurance bordereau message
RECLAM 140   Reinsurance claims message
REMADV 570   Remittance advice message
REQOTE 2200   Request for quote message
RESETT 340   Reinsurance settlement message
RETACC 260   Reinsurance technical account message
RETANN 920   Announcement for returns message
SLSRPT 690   Sales data report message
SOCADE 130   Social administration message
SSRECH 200   Worker's insurance history message
STATAC 160   Statement of account message
SUPCOT 150   Superannuation contributions advice message
SUPMAN 120   Superannuation maintenance message
TAXCON 100   Tax control message
WKGRDC 180   Work grant decision message
WKGRRE 190   Work grant request message
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