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  UN/EDIFACT  D.03A (Batch) Syntax version 3 Issue date 2003-06-23  
  Cross reference - segments (extended)  
Additional price information
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BUSCRD 1190 SG3\SG4\SG22 Business credit report message
CNTCND 1590 SG22\SG36 Contractual conditions message
CONDPV 350 SG8\SG9 Direct payment valuation message
CONEST 210 SG4 Establishment of contract message
CONITT 210 SG4 Invitation to tender message
CONPVA 360 SG8\SG9 Payment valuation message
CONTEN 210 SG4 Tender message
INVOIC 1360 SG26\SG29 Invoice message
ORDCHG 730 SG19 Purchase order change request message
ORDERS 700 SG18 Purchase order message
ORDRSP 700 SG18 Purchase order response message
PRICAT 710 SG17\SG19 Price/sales catalogue message
QUOTES 430 SG9 Quote message
REQOTE 410 SG9 Request for quote message
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