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  UN/EDIFACT  D.03A (Batch) Syntax version 3 Issue date 2003-06-23  
  Cross reference - segments (extended)  
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BOPBNK 220 SG3\SG4\SG5 Bank transactions and portfolio transactions report message
BOPCUS 140 SG3 Balance of payment customer transaction report message
BOPDIR 140 SG3 Direct balance of payment declaration message
BUSCRD 350 SG3\SG4\SG6 Business credit report message
CASINT 60   Request for legal administration action in civil proceedings message
CLASET 280 SG4\SG8 Classification information set message
COPAYM 140 SG1 Contributions for payment
DEBREC 220 SG5\SG6 Debts recovery message
DIRDEF 130 SG3 Directory definition message
DMRDEF 160 SG3 Data maintenance request definition message
GESMES 400 SG10\SG11 Generic statistical message
ICASRP 30   Insurance claim assessment and reporting message
ICSOLI 100 SG1 Insurance claim solicitor's instruction message
INSPRE 60 SG1 Insurance premium message
IPPOAD 30   Insurance policy administration message
IPPOMO 40   Motor insurance policy message
ISENDS 30   Intermediary system enablement or disablement message
JAPRES 440 SG5\SG9\SG11 Job application result message
JOBAPP 390 SG5\SG9\SG10 Job application proposal message
JOBCON 460 SG5\SG10\SG11 Job order confirmation message
JOBMOD 450 SG5\SG10\SG11 Job order modification message
JOBOFF 460 SG5\SG10\SG11 Job order message
LREACT 100 SG1 Life reinsurance activity message
LRECLM 90 SG1 Life reinsurance claims message
MEDPRE 190 SG3 Medical prescription message
MEDREQ 390 SG2\SG5 Medical service request message
MEDRPT 430 SG2\SG6 Medical service report message
PAXLST 170 SG4 Passenger list message
PROCST 50   Project cost reporting message
PRPAID 300 SG2\SG6 Insurance premium payment message
RECORD 200 SG3 Reinsurance core data message
REGENT 70 SG1 Registration of enterprise message
RELIST 80 SG1 Reinsured objects list message
RESMSG 560 SG4\SG9\SG10 Reservation message
SANCRT 630 SG11 International movement of goods governmental regulatory message
SOCADE 230 SG3 Social administration message
SSIMOD 170 SG2\SG3 Modification of identity details message
SSRECH 260 SG5 Worker's insurance history message
SSREGW 140 SG2 Notification of registration of a worker message
SUPCOT 180 SG3 Superannuation contributions advice message
SUPMAN 160 SG3 Superannuation maintenance message
SUPRES 740 SG6\SG17\SG18 Supplier response message
WKGRDC 460 SG5\SG10\SG11 Work grant decision message
WKGRRE 420 SG5\SG9\SG10 Work grant request message
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