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  UN/EDIFACT  D.03A (Batch) Syntax version 3 Issue date 2003-06-23  
  Cross reference - segments (extended)  
Structure identification
Used in    
CONDPV 300 SG8 Direct payment valuation message
CONDRA 330 SG5\SG6 Drawing administration message
CONDRO 340 SG7 Drawing organisation message
CONEST 130 SG1\SG2\SG3 Establishment of contract message
CONITT 130 SG1\SG2\SG3 Invitation to tender message
CONPVA 300 SG8 Payment valuation message
CONQVA 230 SG6 Quantity valuation message
CONTEN 130 SG1\SG2\SG3 Tender message
CONWQD 230 SG6 Work item quantity determination message
PROTAP 80 SG1 Project tasks planning message
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