Service code lists - Release 40217 - 2020/06/16
  EDIFACT  Syntax Version 4  Release 2 
Change indicators
a plus sign (+) ==> for an addition
an asterisk (*) ==> for an amendment to structure
a hash sign (#) ==> for changes to names
a vertical bar (|) ==> for changes to text for descriptions, notes and functions
an X sign (X) ==> for marked for deletion
Syntax identifier
Syntax version number
Identification code qualifier
Recipient reference/password qualifier
Processing priority code
Acknowledgement request
Test indicator
Controlling agency, coded
Message version number
Message release number
Message type
First and last transfer
Section identification
Action, coded
Syntax error, coded
Message type sub-function identification
Character encoding, coded
Service segment tag, coded
Transfer position, coded
Duplicate Indicator
Report function, coded
Report reason, coded
Security service, coded
Response type, coded
Filter function, coded
Original character set encoding, coded
Role of security provider, coded
Security party code list qualifier
Security party code list responsible agency, coded
Date and time qualifier
Use of algorithm, coded
Cryptographic mode of operation, coded
Algorithm, coded
Algorithm code list identifier
Algorithm parameter qualifier
Mode of operation code list identifier
Scope of security application, coded
Certificate original character set repertoire, coded
Certificate syntax and version, coded
Service character for signature qualifier
Validation value, qualifier
Message relation, coded
Security status, coded
Revocation reason, coded
Security error, coded
List parameter qualifier
Security party qualifier
Key management function qualifier
Padding mechanism, coded
Padding mechanism code list identifier
Object type qualifier
Reference qualifier