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The International Organization
for Standardization
The United Nations Economic
Commission for Europe

Relationship between the UN/EDIFACT user directories and the syntax service code list directories
The following matrix shows the relevant relationships: 
user directory V3 service 
code list directory 
V4 service 
code list directory 
D.99A UNSL.99A SL40000.TXT
D.99B UNSL.99B SL40001.TXT
D.00A UNSL.00A SL40002.TXT
D.00B UNSL.00B SL40003.TXT
D.01A UNSL.01A SL40004.TXT
D.01B UNSL.01B SL40005.TXT
D.01C UNSL.01C SL40006.TXT
D.02A UNSL.02A SL40007.TXT
D.02B UNSL.02B SL40100.TXT
D.03A UNSL.03A SL40101.TXT
D.03B UNSL.03B SL40102.TXT
D.04A Unchanged from previous release
D.04B Unchanged from previous release
D.05A Unchanged from previous release
D.05B Unchanged from previous release
D.06A UNSL.06A SL40103.TXT
D.06B UNSL.06B SL40104.TXT
D.07A UNSL.07A SL40105.TXT
D.07B Unchanged from previous release
D.08A UNSL.08A SL40106.TXT
D.08B Unchanged from previous release
D.09A UNSL.09A SL40107.TXT
D.09B Unchanged from previous release
D.10A UNSL.10A SL40108.TXT
D.10B UNSL.10B SL40109.TXT
D.11A UNSL.11A SL40110.TXT
D.11B UNSL.11B SL40200.TXT
D.12A UNSL.12A SL40201.TXT
D.12B UNSL.12B SL40202.TXT
D.13A UNSL.13A SL40203.TXT
D.13B UNSL.13B SL40204.TXT
D.14A UNSL.14A SL40205.TXT
D.14B UNSL.14B SL40206.TXT
D.15A UNSL.15A SL40207.TXT
D.15B UNSL.15B SL40208.TXT
D.16A UNSL.16A SL40209.TXT
D.16B UNSL.16B SL40210.TXT
D.17A UNSL.17A SL40211.TXT
D.17B UNSL.17B SL40212.TXT
D.18A UNSL.18A SL40213.TXT
D.18B UNSL.18B SL40214.TXT
D.19A UNSL.19A SL40215.TXT
D.19B UNSL.19B SL40216.TXT
D.20A UNSL.20A SL40217.TXT
D.20B UNSL.20B SL40218.TXT
D.21A UNSL.21A SL40219.TXT

For example, the UN/EDIFACT syntax version 3 service code list directory UNSL.99A and the UN/EDIFACT syntax version 4 service code list directory SL40000.TXT are the syntax service code list directories for the UN/EDIFACT user directory D.99A.

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