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  Service composite data element specification    EDIFACT  Syntax Version 4  Release 1 
Identifies the sequence of the message/package within the sender's interchange and the position in a multi-message and/or package transfer.

010 0320, starts at 1 and is incremented by 1 for each message and package within the interchange.
020 0323, only used where more than one message or package is contained in a single query or response.
030 0325, only used if a duplicate transfer.
Pos    Tag Name  S R Repr   Notes
010 0320
Sender sequence number
Identification of the sequence number of the message or package within the sender interchange.
C 1 n..6   1
020 0323
Transfer position, coded
Indication of the position of a transfer.
C 1 a1   2
030 0325
Duplicate Indicator
Indication that the structure is a duplicate of a previously sent structure.
C 1 a1   3
Date  23.06.2021