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Differences between Syntax Version 4, Release 1 and Release 2
The following is a change summary that details the differences between the first edition of ISO 9735-10 (2002) and the expected second edition (will be published in 2013).
  1. Revision of informative Annex A to implement all syntax code releases since the publication of the first edition of ISO 9735-10.
  2. Amendment of representation of data element 0536 'Certificate reference' from an..35 to an..70.
Differences between Syntax Version 4 and Syntax Version 4, Release 1
The following is a change summary that details the differences between the first edition of Syntax (ISO 9735) Version 4 (1998/1999) and the second edition, Syntax (ISO 9735) Version 4, Release 1 (2002).
  1. Introduction of a new data element 0076 (Syntax release identification) in S001 (Syntax identifier) to permit the identification of specific releases of ISO 9735. Addition of an informative annex in Part 1 to describe its use.
  2. Deletion of redundant references to an intended Part 10 covering "Security rules for interactive EDI". Reassignment of Part 10 to the "Syntax service directories".
  3. Updated normative references and other bibliographic information.
  4. Consolidation of the definitions from all parts of ISO 9735 in Part 1, Annex A,
  5. Inclusion of figure 1 in Part 6 (AUTACK message) to depict the usage of the AUTACK message in an interchange with one or more messages.
  6. Updated informative annexes in security parts (Parts 5, 6, 7 and 9) to correct a limited number of minor errors.
  7. Consolidation of the service directories from all parts into a single part, Part 10 (Syntax service directories). Correction of a limited number of errors and minor updates as signified with the directory change indicators.
  8. Inclusion of a "snapshot" of the Syntax code directories as at the time of preparation of this release of ISO 9735.

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