WebAPIs with OpenAPI 3 are now the talk of the town. Whether in the automotive industry, trade, customs, FinTecs or insurance. Companies everywhere are increasingly relying on APIs. International standardisation organisations such as UN/CEFACT are also addressing this topic. The OpenAPI 3.x specification standard seems to be gaining acceptance here. It combines the claim to make an API readable both for a computer and for the web developer, who then has to implement it. So is this the next generation of data exchange? Will it be able to solve all syntax problems and will it completely replace the classic EDI? The online training introduces the topic of APIs and their benefits in the B2B and B2G environment. It also highlights the differences between web services and WebAPIs. Different approaches to message and resource-based data exchange make it possible, with appropriate design, to cover future use cases that were not even known when the API was created.

Key topics from the training

  • API – Terms and Basics
  • API – Classification and Distinction from Classic EDI (Web Services, SOA, REST, Open API versus Public API)
  • REST Service Contracts and Design Principles
  • Event-driven data exchange
  • The Open API 3.x specification standard
  • API Management and Governance
  • API development tips
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Target audiences

The training is aimed at all those who want to get to know the concept of WebAPIs with OpenAPI 3 and their applicability for B2B and B2G data exchange. This includes both beginners to the topic as well as EDI experts who are dealing with WebAPIs for the first time.


The training does not require any programming knowledge. However, a basic understanding of data exchange between applications, for example based on EDIFACT, XML or similar formats, is helpful.


2x 3 hours