GEFEG – Passion for Standards

GEFEG supports its customers in the planning and quality assurance of the electronic processing of business processes. Based on national and international standards, a consistent data flow between all involved partners is guaranteed. GEFEG has developed innovative software solutions and methods for this purpose. As a service provider with international experience, GEFEG offers consulting, software and training.

Through its participation in national and international standardisation committees, GEFEG provides contributions to the development of standards and has a head start in information and development, from which customers also benefit.

Support of digitalisation projects

GEFEG has established itself as a consulting company for advanced projects in the electronic exchange of business data. Projects for large companies (DB Cargo), administration (G7-EDI customs group), organisations (Global Automotive Industry North America, Asia and Europe) and medium-sized companies (dental technology, freight forwarders, automotive suppliers, tyre industry) were supported. The consulting services are rounded off by a field-based training programme.

Well-equipped for the latest data exchange requirements with GEFEG.FX

Develop and edit data models, XML schemas, JSON schemas, flat files, EDI standards and guides: The GEFEG.FX software developed in-house is used for modelling interfaces and specifying B2B/EDI standards, such as UN/EDIFACT, ebXML, GS1 EANCOM®, X.12, SAP-IDoc, RosettaNet, ConnectSpec (previously OAGIS) and UN/CEFACT Reference Data Models, such as the Multi-Modal Transport Data Model (MMT). GEFEG.FX is the only software that combines data modelling, API development, XML schema development and processing of classic EDI standards under one roof, as well as enabling the development of multilingual implementation guidelines.

Internet-based software products such as the GEFEG portal support organisations and companies with sophisticated test and administration functions that can be used in rollout scenarios, onboarding processes or campaigns, for example.

GEFEG – Gesellschaft für Elektronischen Geschäftsverkehr mbH is a private, owner-managed company founded in 1990.