• GEFEG.FX Update

Download the latest GEFEG.FX update here.


To install GEFEG.FX use your special GEFEG.FX license key. If you do not yet know this information, please contact us.

If you have problems with the installation of the programme, please contact us immediately.

  1. Download / Open the self-extracting file setup.exe. (approx. 3.5 MB)
  2. When the contained files are unpacked, the GEFEG.FX Setup will start automatically. If for some reason this does not work for you, start the program Setup.exe manually.
  3. Follow the dialogs. Select the GEFEG.FX components to be installed. If you receive the error message “The license key entered is invalid for this GEFEG.FX version”, please contact GEFEG.
  4. After successful installation you can delete the directory which was created during unpacking (see point 1).
  • Installation

Important notes for the use of the repository and
GEFEG.FX Floating User Licenses

To use our repository services or a floating user license, a connection to an internet server is required. If your company connects to the Internet via a proxy server, certain settings on the local computer or also on the proxy server must be adjusted manually in order to establish a successful connection. Please follow the instructions in the ‘Proxy settings’ section.

The document contains support notes for the installation as well as descriptions for the installation of the following license models:

  • Per-Device Licensing
  • Floating User Licensing (Internet- & Portal-based)
  • GEFEG.FX Release Notes

Here you can find information about the changes and bug fixes in GEFEG.FX.

  • Demo version

Thank you for your interest in GEFEG.FX. To give you a good start for your evaluation, we will present the most important features of GEFEG.FX and how to use them in a personal, interactive guided tour. We will also discuss your requirements and provide you with an evaluation license upon request.

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