• GEFEG.FX Users
A colourful word cloud with a selection of GEFEG users such as IBM, Planzer, John Deere, Porsche, GS1, UBS, Seeburger, Ford, BMW, SIX Group and others.
  • Standardisation Activities

GEFEG participates in numerous national and international standardization committees such as ASC X12, DIN, EDIWheel, ISO 20022, ISO/TC 154, OAGI, Odette, UN/CEFACT and VDA as well as in the quality assurance of the UN/EDIFACT standard.

In May 2000, GEFEG submitted an application to DIN in which the generation of XML schemas from EDI implementations is defined and documented. In the resulting standardization project, GEFEG, together with other user groups, actively participated in designing the draft at all stages until its official publication as draft standard E DIN 16557-5 “EDIFACT – Part 5: Rules for generating XML Schemas (XSD) from EDI(FACT) application rules”. Specifically, rules were developed and normatively defined on how an EDI(FACT) application description can be converted into a schema.

ISO/TS 20625 – Derived from the draft DIN standard XML back in 2002

The draft for the DIN standard XML was published as “Technical Specification ISO/TS 20625” in April 2002. It is still used for the practical transformation of EDIFACT-based standards into XML schemas. ISO/TS 20625 is implemented in the GEFEG.FX software.