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Harmonising data in the transport sector – the Why and the How – Free webinar

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7. May @ 11:00 12:00 CEST

Digital documents have long been present in the global exchange of goods, accompanying every delivery and becoming increasingly important. The transport industry must therefore prepare itself for the fact that data as a digital companion and the associated data exchange will continue to increase in the coming years. The public sector is also planning to move from paper to electronic data in the future, supplementing the usual paper-based data exchange between the players in the logistics industry. Not only is the volume of data transfer increasing, but also the requirement to be able to process a large number of digital standards. It is well known that digital communication in the transport and logistics industry is not limited to a few B2B/B2G standards, as is the case in the automotive or consumer goods industry, for example.

These developments present companies with the challenge of keeping track of which data is already covered by their IT systems and which new requirements they need to take into account. An important step in adapting to new interfaces is to record the content that is used in transport contracts, freight processes, delivery notes, shipments and shipment tracking, for example. The recorded data can then be harmonised. This improves interoperability, gives you a better overview and strengthens your ability to react quickly and effectively to future changes.

UN/CEFACT Multi Modal Transport Reference Data Model

The UN/CEFACT Multimodal Transport Reference Data Model (MMT RDM) provides an important basis for supporting data harmonisation for all transport-related documents and also supports your implementations in the next step. The multimodal transport model comprises harmonised, semantic structures that cover all data used in the transport and logistics sector for electronic data exchange.

In our webinar, you will learn more about the various components of this model as well as the concept, methodology and data harmonisation benefits of using it. Not least due to the increasing number of eBusiness standards, EDI managers are increasingly opting to use a model-based approach. This means that you first represent the data of a business document in an abstract, syntax-neutral model. You then plan the specific data exchange formats on the basis of this model.

Topics of our webinar on “Harmonising data in the transport sector – the why and the how”

In this webinar you will learn how to …

  • reuse the Multi Modal Transport data model for data harmonisation and data exchange and edit it in GEFEG.FX
  • adapt it according to your business requirements
  • use it for implementation by quickly and easily generating documentation from your data, including XSD exports, and deploying it


Any questions about the webinar and/or input on other webinar topics?

Who should participate?

Transport and logistics professionals who want to get a better overview of their data, harmonise their data or plan and implement their data exchange based on the multi-modal transport model. Users who would like to find out more about the special customisation functions of the GEFEG.FX software, in which MMT-based data exchange subsets are specified and documented.

What should you already know?

General knowledge about data modelling and UN/CEFACT standards and publications is helpful, but not a requirement.

How much time will the webinar take?

Please plan for about 50 to 60 minutes.

Free Free of charge

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