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Latest ISO 20022 Specification, Migration and Updates – Is Your Implementation Already Sustainably Documented? – Free webinar

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12. December 2023 @ 11:00 12:00 CET

ISO 20022 to become mandatory for financial transaction data

By the end of 2025, it will be more or less mandatory for all participants to use the ISO 20022 standard for the exchange of financial transaction data. All those who have not yet migrated their payment data will have to become active by then if their payment information is to continue to be transmitted via the SWIFT network. By then, and thus in the following four years, there will be further key dates, such as last November, when it was due that the pan-European payment systems TARGET2, EURO1 and STEP1 migrated to ISO 20022.

Are you well prepared?  And if so, is your ISO 20022 implementation documented sustainably enough to be easily updated during version upgrades? Or are you planning to document exceptions and extensions to ISO 20022 in a customized specification as part of the migration?

Giving priority to ISO 20022 content documentation

The distribution of the ISO 20022 standard in the GEFEG.FX software provides the basis for projects in the financial sector to customize, document, publish, implement and validate financial messages. In GEFEG.FX, you have access to earlier versions of ISO 20022 UML models in addition to the current ISO 20022 UML models. Furthermore, enriched XML schemas and external codes to the elements facilitate the understanding and planning of your implementation. Of course, an ISO 20022 data update service is also included.

Topics of the free webinar on “Current ISO 20022 Specification, Migration and Updates – Is Your Implementation Already Sustainably Documented?”

Learn how to …

  • Efficiently develop your specifications, guidelines and publications based on ISO 20022 with GEFEG.FX and thanks to our efficient update routine save time and effort on future versions
  • Harmonise your financial data with GEFEG.FX
  • Validate data in a GEFEG.Portal first for QA and use it free of errors in your production environment
  • Create and document API specifications based on ISO 20022 and other standards with GEFEG.FX

Any questions about the webinar and/or input on other webinar topics?

Who should attend?

Technical and business-oriented staff of companies organizing or implementing ISO 20022 migration projects

Which knowledge should you already have?

Interest in ISO 20022 and financial processes

How much time will the webinar take?

About 50 to 60 minutes

Free Free of charge

+49 (30) 9799 14 0

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