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Now you can plan and create APIs with GEFEG.FX – Free webinar

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28. May @ 11:00 12:00 CEST

In this webinar you will learn how to plan and create APIs with GEFEG.FX. In addition, you will gain an insight into how you can use the new API editor in GEFEG.FX.

Application Programming Interfaces, or APIs for short, are not only in great demand across industries, but also across domains. EDI and e-business specialists often discuss what role APIs can play in the exchange of business messages and what advantages the use of APIs brings. In these considerations, it should be taken into account that data exchange via WebAPIs differs in many respects from classical EDI: The development of APIs focuses on resource-based and service-oriented data exchange. Whereas up to now the digitilisation of paper documents has been the focus of a company’s EDI activities, the use of API goes far beyond this and opens up new possibilities.

OpenAPI – A specification standard for APIs

GEFEG.FX supports the development of WebAPIs with OpenAPI 3. Why OpenAPI 3? The use of standards as a basis for development and planning for data exchange between organisations and companies is an important pillar for GEFEG’s products and services. The use of standards (such as GS1 XML, ISO20022 XML) results in rationalisation effects and interoperability of applications. Users of international standards benefit from the knowledge and know-how of process and data specialists who have been involved in the development for years. We also rely on standards in the development of APIs: The specification standard OpenAPI is supported by many experts (including Google, IBM, SAP, Microsoft) and focuses on standardising the specification of an API.

Create APIs from company-specific GEFEG.FX guides

Create an API from scratch or use existing GEFEG.FX schemas and models as the basis for a new API. Learn about the technical steps for transforming a GEFEG.FX schema into an API. With just a few clicks, you can transform your company-specific schemas and models into APIs – including structures, codes, constraints, definitions and names.  If required, APIs can output in JSON and YAML format, among others.

We show you how it’s done, and present practical procedures for creating an API. For example, we will show why a business message should not be completely transformed into an API.

Topics of our free webinar “Now you can plan and create APIs with GEFEG.FX”

Register for our webinar to …

  • get a brief introduction to the topic of APIs
  • get to know important functions of the GEFEG.FX API Editor
  • learn more about the practical procedure for creating an API and follow the live creation of an API from a GEFEG.FX schema.



Any questions about the webinar and/or input on other webinar topics?

Who should participate?

Are you an IT and EDI specialist new to the topic of APIs and want to expand your ‘classic’ EDI activities with APIs? Do you want to reuse existing guidelines and convert them into APIs? Then our webinar is the right place for you.

What should you already know?

General knowledge of GEFEG.FX schemas and data models is recommended. Prior knowledge of the API area is not a prerequisite.

How much time will the webinar take?

Plan about 50 to 60 minutes for the webinar.

Free Free of charge

When you click on the registration button, you will be redirected to the LogMeIn, Inc. GoToWebinar page to register and provide you with important information related to this event.

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