• GEFEG.Portal Update

To update your GEFEG.portal to the most recent version, please first determine the current version of your portal.

Which version does my GEFEG.Portal have? Please follow these instructions to obtain this information:

  • Open the GEFEG.Portal in your web browser and log in as a SuperUser.
  • Switch to Administration in the main menu
  • Click the Loaded modules option
  • At the top of the list you find the module Gefeg.Portal.Bootstrapper.dll.
  • You can see the version of this module in the right column.
  • Note the version status of your portal, z.B. 4.17.309.2.


Zur Aktualisierung Ihres GEFEG.Portals führen Sie bitte anschließend die folgenden Schritte aus:

  1. Search for the next higher version number in the following document:
  2. Follow the described update sequence from this version number on.

When processing the update sequence, no steps can be skipped. Otherwise, the installer or updater issues an error message and the execution is aborted.