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Customised guides for your XML schemas – Why, when and how should you use this technology? – Free webinar

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15. March @ 11:00 12:00 CET

GEFEG.FX’s XML Schema Guide technology intentionally focuses on a way to develop customised XML schemas in GEFEG.FX, adapt them to company requirements in a time-saving manner based on the standards and formats provided by the software, such as CEFACT XML, GS1 XML, connectSpec (formerly: OAGIS), or UBL, and drastically reduce future maintenance efforts.

The guide technology in GEFEG.FX

In GEFEG.FX software the term guide refers to the specification, such as Message Implementation Guidelines, Implementation Conventions, or guideline for the actual implementation of an XML schema, data model, or EDI standard. It can be regarded of as a writeable, transparent layer that is put over the base – the original XML schema – and allows all of the original structural components, attributes, types, and comments to show through.

When would you use XML schema guide

XML schema guides are used to further describe and specify their XML schemas. The usage is straightforward as the same basic XML structure could be reused and further specified in different XML guides. It does make sense to use a guide if:

  • The XML schema used as a base changes regularly.

The XML schema used as a base is not under your control, but has been developed and provided by standards developing organisations, regulatory bodies, or created by developer’s system

  • Different profiles have to be maintained
    • Reduce maintenance efforts and costs with XML Guide technology
    • The guide technology has the major benefit of allowing the base schema to be changed without the need of a new guide.
    • Notes and comments submitted to the schema guide, such as specifications or restriction, are simply stored inside the guide and have no effect on the base.
    • Several schema guides can be put on top of one other, as if they were transparent, and can be further restricted given the context.

Topics of the “Customised guides for your XML schemas – Why, when and how should you use this technology?” Free Webinar

Learn about …

  • Schema guide design principles
  • Schema guide functions in GEFEG.FX
  • XML schema guide editor in GEFEG.FX
  • Creating human-readable documentation for the XML schema guide
  • Importing and exporting XML schemas


Any questions about the webinar and/or input on other webinar topics?

Who should attend?

We recommend the webinar to all technical and business-oriented staff of companies organizing or implementing XML schema format exchanges

Which knowledge should you already have?

Interest in Schema Development

How much time will the webinar take?

Allow about 50 to 60 minutes to attend this webinar.

Free Free of charge

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