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XML Schema Basics for EDI – Training

The image shows a man pointing his index finger at a tablet and the text XML Schema for EDI.

14. November @ 09:00 17:00 CET

Introduction to XML schemas and their use in Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

Why learn more about XML schemas basics for EDI? Being EDI specialists, we aim to introduce you to XML schema basics from the perspective of electronic data interchange and related processes. The use of XML schema for defining structures and describing content is constantly growing. As is its use for exchanging business messages and data content with EDI processes, web applications or for APIs. Our GEFEG.FX Software offers extensive functions for schema development and content specification of schemas.

In our XML Schema Basics training, we provide basic knowledge and fundamental understanding of XML in the context of EDI activities of companies and organizations. We introduce you to the technical basics of XML documents, elements and attributes, and schema languages before explaining four XML schema design principles and their practical use. We also cover other XML formats, such as Schematron, as well as the implementation of XML for EDI and XML standards, such as OAGIS, ISO 20022, UBL, ZUGFeRD.

Topics of the “XML Schema Basics for EDI” Training

  • What is XML: features and purpose, standardisation and diversity
  • Technical basics of XML: components, structure, structural specifications
  • Implementation of XML for EDI: Important XML standards for EDI
  • Data modeling and XML

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What will you learn in the course?

Participants gain basic knowledge of the technical principles of XML and know that XML documents must follow the structural specifications of XML schemas. You will learn how XML is used for data exchange and know important XML standards.

Who should attend?

Members of business departments, EDI project groups, IT and EDI departments as well as EDI and eBusiness consultants who want to acquire basic knowledge about XML Schema for EDI. For employees who want to work with GEFEG.FX Schema functions when the introduction of an XML standard is imminent and for those switching from EDIFACT to XML who want to learn the technical basics of XML Schema.

What should you already know?

Basic knowledge of EDI processes is an advantage

How much time will the training take?

Please plan a full day for the training.

When will the training take place?

26. September 2023, 9:00 – 12:00 and 14:00 – 17:00

500€ per participant, VAT not included

+49 (30) 9799 14 0

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