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Develop XML schemas for EDI and immediately reduce maintenance effort with GEFEG.FX software – Training

In the picture you can see the word SCHEMA in big letters in the foreground, in the background many terms about scheme are listed.

15. November 2023 @ 09:00 17:00 CET

XML Schema Development for EDI with GEFEG.FX

Increasingly, companies are using XML Schema to develop their EDI specifications. The use of classic EDI standards for data exchange is thus being supplemented by XML Schema as a further data exchange format. The focus of XML Schema development with GEFEG.FX is clearly on schemas for business data. As an alternative to the development of your own, company-specific XML schemas, you can use established XML standards in GEFEG.FX, adapt them to your requirements in a time-saving manner using the software’s guide technology, e.g. CEFACT XML, GS1 XML, connectSpec (former OAGIS) or UBL, and drastically reduce your future maintenance effort.

In this training, users receive a sound introduction to XML Schema development with GEFEG.FX. Of course, the practical part is carried out with the GEFEG.FX software. As an introduction, the basics of XML Schema are repeated. Then it will be explained how GEFEG.FX can be used to build your own schemas or to document existing ones based on established eBusiness standards, such as GS1 XML, ISO 20022, connectSpec (former OAGIS), ZUGFeRD). The participants thus get an introduction to the comprehensive software support for the creation of XML schema specifications, in order to be able to work independently with the software afterwards. Users who use both classic EDI standards and XML Schemas, can use the mapping functions support in GEFEG.FX for the integration of different data exchange formats.

Topics of the “Develop XML schemas for EDI and immediately reduce maintenance effort with GEFEG.FX software” training

  • The XML Schema Editor in GEFEG.FX
  • Developing an XML Schema based on a paper form
  • Schema design principles
  • Schema functions in GEFEG.FX
  • Working with XML Schema Guides according to GEFEG.FX Guide Technology
  • Variants in the XML Schema Guide
  • Creating human-readable documentation
  • Importing and exporting XML schemas
  • Validation: Testing XML instances against a schema, validating XML schema variants
  • Mapping: Mapping projects with schemas and EDI Guide, mapping templates

Any questions about the training course and/or input on other training topics?

What will you learn in the course?

You will know how to use GEFEG.FX for schema development in order to import your own schemas or to specify existing schemas (e.g. CEFACT XML, GS1 XML, OAGIS, UBL), in order to document them. You have learned how to validate XML instances against XML schemas and which comparison functions you can use. You will also be familiar with the mapping principle of GEFEG.FX and be able to apply it.

Who should attend?

Users who want to use XML Schemas for business data and data exchange procedures. As well as users who want to reuse existing XML schemas and document the company or organization-specific usage and thereby drastically reduce their future maintenance efforts.

What you should already know?

Basic knowledge of XML knowledge or participation in the XML Schema Basics course

How much time will the training take?

Please plan two full days for the training.

When will the training take place?

15 November 2023, 9 am to 12 am and 2 pm to 5 pm
16 November 2023, 9 am to 12 am and 2 pm to 5 pm

1000€ per participant plus VAT

+49 (30) 9799 14 0

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