In the following sections you will find out in which industries GEFEG solutions are already successfully used.

  • Automotive Industry

GEFEG creates an important basis for electronic data exchange in the automotive industry by providing globally used B2B standards. The national and international standards are delivered with the product GEFEG.FX, a software for the development of specifications and the routine tasks that arise when adapting and maintaining your own specifications. Read more in the following document.

  • Finance

GEFEG Design Time solutions actively support digitalisation in the financial sector by optimising the entire process of implementing messages based on the globally used ISO 20022 standard. This includes the support for creating user defined specification and the harmonisation of their data, the documentation production for publishing as well as test automation for ISO 20022 and other important financial standards. In addition, our solutions enable the development of OpenAPIs and JSON documentation based on ISO 20022 and other standards. Read more about the GEFEG ISO 20022 Distribution, our services and successful projects in the following document.

  • Aviation

For some years now, the aviation industry has used a portal to check messages for compliance with IATA specifications. Read more in the following document.

  • Transport/Logistics

GEFEG solutions also support the transport and logistics industry. For example, a GEFEG.Portal checks messages for the correct transmission of the Verified Gross Mass, which must be made available for each container to be transported in accordance with the International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) since mid-2016. Read more about the support for the logistics sector in the following document.

  • Customs Sector

The Data Model of the World Customs Organisation (WCO) has now been implemented in many countries, often in connection with national Single Window projects, among others. Customs administrations in Canada, Germany, New Zealand, the Netherlands, Thailand and the USA, but also companies, organisations and service providers use GEFEG solutions to support the implementation of the WCO Data Model and to plan and manage their metadata. Read more in the following document.