EU Customs Data Model

EU Customs Data Model Version 6 has been enhanced by the improved UCC Legal Annex B data – What is new?

The latest EU Customs Data Model Version 6 went live on 2 July 2021. European Customs authorities and other interested parties now have an updated data model at their fingertips in search of information about the UCC Legal Annexes data requirements.

What is the EU Customs Data Model?

The European Union Customs Data Model (EUCDM) is the model for Customs trans-European systems such as NCTS, AES, ICS and for Member States national customs clearance systems. It provides a technical instrument that models and delivers the data requirements as laid down in European Union (EU) Customs legislation UCC.

What has been changed between the previous EUCDM and the newest EUCDM version 6.0?

The EU Customs Data Model version 6.0 publication has been amended by the newly structured, revised and harmonised UCC Legal Annex B. The new EUCDM version transforms the provisions of the legal text of the relevant Commission Delegating and Implementing Regulations (EU) into customs data requirements. In addition, the amended UCC Legal Annex B introduces additional Customs reporting procedures as required by the new EU customs advance cargo information system facilitating free flow of trade through enhanced customs security processes (ICS2).

In contrast to the previous EUCDM HTML publications, the modernised EUCDM 6.0 brings about many improvements in the usability and presentation of Customs data requirements. This includes for example dropdown menus for navigating various Customs procedures as defined and required by the EU legislation.

Also two new useful sections have been added i.e.:

  • Archive referencing the previous html publications of EUCDM as of version 3.0.

  • Future EUCDM: Projection into the future providing non-binding information regarding possible future EUCDM related developments and implementations.

This change is good, but how to handle it?

EUCDM 6.0 provides you with a “Read Me” page to assist observers, users and implementers of EUCDM utilize the EUCDM publication. The “Read Me” menu item under “Introduction” section of the publication outlines information and details on the semantic content, usage and functions of this publication.

Further information:

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