• Product Description

GEFEG.Portal – Central and configurable for your operational cases

Efficient collaboration of IT and business experts in and between companies, industries or projects, nationally and internationally, a high quality of the developed data descriptions and the resulting data as well as a shortened period from the analysis of the requirements to the implementation.

To achieve these goals, the GEFEG.Portal offers a solution for collaboration, validation, publishing, visualisation, change request management as well as rollout and onboarding support.

The GEFEG.Portal supports you and your EDI partners

  • in managing requirements or change requests for the development of eBusiness interfaces
  • in the development and publication of eBusiness interfaces, e.g. B2B / EDI / EAI / A2A standards and formats as well as guidelines
  • with error checking in eBusiness interfaces
  • in rollout and onboarding scenarios.

With the GEFEG.Portal, our customers benefit from 30 years of GEFEG’s commitment and expertise in eBusiness Interface Management.

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  • Benefits
  • Efficient collaboration for managing interfaces
  • High quality of data descriptions and resulting data
  • Moving faster from requirements analysis to implementation
  • Self-testing of messages by EDI partners – Considerable reduction of the test effort at the receiver’s end
  • Improve interoperability and compliance
  • Single point of contact with a complete workflow for the management of eBusiness interfaces
  • Flexible configuration of the portal to the needs of the user group
  • Desktop software GEFEG.FX for eBusiness Interface Design and for the transfer of guidelines to the portal for publication and testing
  • 24/7 availability
  • White labelling: Adaptation of the web interface to the “look and feel” of your website layout
  • Features

Find an overview of the most important functions below.

Publication of eBusiness Interfaces

Publish and make available for download specifications, schema files and other deliverables. Central location to make important specifications quickly accessible and to promote governance. Custom views and filters allow easier handling of uploaded artefacts.

Tracking and management of requirements or change requests

Enter and track requirements or change requests and view the current status. Centralise the process to avoid time-consuming searching and data loss. The entries can be filtered according to various criteria.

Validation and visualisation

Compliance check of messages based on guidelines and business rules. Upload instances for checking and check for compliance with the specification. Supports user communities to implement interfaces identically to achieve interoperability. In rollout or onboarding scenarios, your EDI partners check the messages themselves without your involvement.

Task Management

Task management via tracking system. Organise the internal work of users. Faster tracking of tasks assigned to users.


Communication with the portal’s user community over a news page. Inform users about corrections, updates, new versions and other topics.

Download area

Provided data, such as test data, are available for download for the user community.

Admin area

Configure the portal as an administrator. Set up user groups or define and customise views so that different areas accommodate specific requirements and workflows. All configuration data can be exported as XML file.

  • Demo version

With the GEFEG.Portal, you choose an efficient way to check electronic messages via the Internet – with easy handling, permanent availability and low costs. Use the GEFEG.Portal in your company or make the solution available to your business partners and/or suppliers.

Test the GEFEG.Portal with a free demo access.

Link to the GEFEG.Portal demo version