• Product Description

GEFEG provides the most important eBusiness standards for use in GEFEG.FX and in the GEFEG.Portal. We participate in many international and national standardization committees and contribute to the quality assurance of the standards with an expertise of more than 30 years.

  • Benefits
  • GEFEG provides – You benefit
  • The most important international and national standards available
  • No time-consuming research necessary
  • High data quality through many years of GEFEG expertise
  • Reliable information base
  • Benefit from GEFEG’s participation in various international and national standardization committees
  • eBusiness Standards

In GEFEG.FX eBusiness standards define the structure of data interfaces. A standard can describe structures standardised by a standardisation organisation such as EDIFACT, X12, UBL or VDA, or alternatively self-defined, proprietary structures.

The following standards are available for you in our products. In case you do not find the required standards in this list, please write us.