• Product Description

Since its foundation in 1990, GEFEG mbH has been involved in e-business processes and consulting activities across all industries. During this time, GEFEG has made a name for itself as a consulting firm for demanding e-business projects and as experts for electronic business documents. GEFEG is also increasingly supporting the development and application of data models in order to support companies in harmonising their interfaces and, in the next step, to support them in exercising governance over this data.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements, questions and wishes.

Designing news scenarios, describing flat file formats, designing strategic objectives, conducting trainings and workshops at the customer’s headquarters or at GEFEG in Berlin: The experts of GEFEG provide these and other services around our solutions and with the support of GEFEG.FX, GEFEG.Portal and GEFEG.Content.

  • Consultancy Services

GEFEG supports companies, organizations and administrations in the design, documentation and maintenance of B2B interfaces and data models. Through membership and cooperation in international committees and standardisation organizations, such as DIN, DISA, OASIS, GS 1, Odette and VDA, GEFEG gains an information advantage over current developments, which flows into our customer projects. The software solutions GEFEG.FX and GEFEG.Portal developed in-house are mainly used for the processing of projects.

  • Development of standards and interfaces for the electronic handling of business processes in all areas of business and administration
  • Design of documents and interfaces as a canonical data model based on UML, UMM, CCTS
  • Mapping of the data model into different data formats
  • Planning and representation of the relationships between different interfaces in classic EDI and XML formats (mapping)
  • Development, adaptation and maintenance of company-specific EDI /XML / in-house interfaces (Guides)
  • Implementation guidelines describing the implementation of document data models in both EDI and XML syntax, such as EDIFACT, connectSpec (formerly OAGIS), RosettaNet, X12, VDA, and so on.
  • Presentation and publication of your interfaces in HTML format in internet applications and on DVDs
  • Training of your team(s) through practice-oriented training courses and workshops on e-business topics
  • eBusiness Interface Design
  • International and national eBusiness standards available (see GEFEG.Content)
  • Syntax-neutral modeling of interfaces with UML, Core Components Specification and ISO 20022
  • Specifications (guides, guidelines) on the basis of standards, including our own
  • Business mapping for planning the business relationship between two worlds
  • Create and edit test data
  • Validation of test data, compliance check for compliance with a specification
  • Documentation and publication in various formats such as doc, docx, html, pdf
  • Collaboration Solutions (Repository Management)

More and more often data models, eBusiness interfaces and documentation are developed and applied by working groups whose team members work in different locations – sometimes distributed all over the world – and who share their work results with each other. Repositories support this scenario and provide version control and rights management to control access rights for different requirements.

At the same time, GEFEG software solutions use repositories to store interface descriptions (guidelines), data models and test data in their life cycle. These repositories can be set up on the customer’s intranet, in the cloud or on external dedicated servers. With our many years of experience, we support our customers in the design, creation and management of their repositories.

  • Hosting

On customer request we also offer the administration of your GEFEG.portal or repository on a dedicated server. We coordinate the URL with you and take over the hosting including installation, technical support and maintenance on your behalf.

  • Training

Planning and implementing classic EDI guides with GEFEG.FX, XML Schema Development for EDI with GEFEG.FX and Planning and applying data models. Learn how to use GEFEG.FX in our training courses to get the best results.

In addition to general introductory training courses, we also offer special topics, such as Error analysis and plausibility checks. We organise workshops tailored to your company in cooperation with you, for example on the topics of Documentation of EDI interface(s) and Structuring data (newly) with GEFEG.FX7.

We offer training courses at fixed dates in-house, if required we also train on site at your company. More detailed information can be found in the menu Training.