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More efficient communication with new message recommendations

Digitalisation project for finished vehicles logistics successfully completed

GEFEG supports the development of new messages with technical know-how

The ECG – Association of European Vehicle Logistics in cooperation with the automotive organizations Odette International and the German Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA) have successfully completed a project to develop recommended messages for the logistics of finished vehicles. Coordinated EDIFACT and XML messages were completed as a new message set covering digital communication across all outbound logistics processes.

More efficient communication and reduced process costs

“The recommended standard EDIFACT and XML messages will allow vehicle manufacturers (OEMs) and Finished Vehicle Logistics Service Providers (LSPs) to communicate with each other in a more efficient way. They will also avoid a proliferation of many different message types across the finished vehicle supply chain, significantly reducing IT development costs for individual companies.” (Quote from Standardisation of FVL digital messages)

The standard consists of a process description for all process stages in outbound vehicle logistics. In addition, EDI experts have developed EDIFACT and also XML messages with the aim of offering alternative electronic communication solutions. For each standard message format at least one sample message was published.

Experts from the automotive industry and vehicle logistics involved in the project

Many OEMs from the Automotive Industry and Logistic Service Providers were involved in the creation of the new standard, so that a large number of different requirements where considered. The joint recommendation “Digitilisation of Finished Vehicle Logistics Process Description” is available as a free download for all interested parties.

EDIFACT and XML messages for finished vehicle logistics available in GEFEG.FX

GEFEG supported the project especially in the technical implementation of EDIFACT and XML messages with the GEFEG.FX software. In coordination with Odette International and the VDA, GEFEG is able to deliver the newly developed messages as a supplement to the automotive standards.

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