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Now ready for use for GEFEG.FX users: The JSON Editor

With the rapid expansion of the internet came the ever-increasing need to standardise communication between web applications and their users. For this reason, JSON was developed in 2001 to facilitate communication between a client and server as an open file format. Because of its ease of use and great versatility, JSON became established as the central exchange format on the Internet.

Though JSON was first used on the web, this data format is also becoming increasingly popular in electronic data exchange. As with all exchange formats, JSON files must be read, evaluated and verified by the recipient. For this reason, JSON Schema was developed. In a JSON schema, rules and conditions are defined that must be observed by JSON data. Typically, such criteria are, among others, properties, references, and types.

Also with JSON, an understanding of the underlying business processes is necessary. Thus, software is needed that effectively handles these challenges. For these reasons, we have developed the JSON schema editor as an extension to our GEFEG.FX software solution. The new editor now offers all companies the possibility to effectively manage all these challenges.

Powerful JSON schema design

GEFEG’s JSON Schema Editor provides a powerful solution to design JSON schemas. Companies can now intuitively design complex data structures that meet the requirements of their specific business processes. The editor’s user-friendly interface allows users to easily define and organise JSON objects and their properties. This not only facilitates the design phase, but also ensures a consistent and clear presentation of the data – a big plus for smooth cooperation with partners and customers.

Efficient editing of JSON schemas

GEFEG.FX’s JSON Schema Editor offers a comprehensive range of editing tools that allow organisations to precisely customise JSON schemas. Whether it’s updating existing schemas or adding new elements, the editor makes the process easier than ever. With the ability to create and modify complex hierarchies, users are in control of their data structures and can make changes with ease.

Converting XML files into JSON schemas

Another notable feature of GEFEG’s JSON Schema Editor is the ability to convert XML files into JSON schema structures. XML files are widely used and are an important technical format for data exchange. By converting XML files, a JSON schema is available with one click, which organisations can use, for example, for use in databases and processing procedures, without having to laboriously re-enter the XML schema in JSON-format.

Since experience shows that companies are using multiple data exchange formats and need to orchestrate the interplay of multiple syntaxes, this step enables a smooth migration to a more modern data exchange landscape and facilitates the adaptation to the latest EDI trends. In addition, the conversion from XML to JSON schema helps to improve interoperability between different systems and platforms, resulting in seamless and efficient data exchange.


In the dynamic world of EDI, innovative solutions are critical to meet the demands of the modern business world. The GEFEG.FX JSON Schema Editor complements the existing functional areas and offers a powerful way to design, customise and reuse customer-specific data structures in JSON format. This fulfils important current requirements in the electronic exchange of business data. GEFEG continues to provide critical functionality that businesses need to succeed in an ever-evolving digital landscape.

We look forward to presenting the features and benefits of the new JSON editor to you and supporting you in its use. You would like to learn more about the JSON editor? Please contact us!

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